Essential Programming Languages

Well-versed in information technology, Amita Vadlamudi worked with mainframes and distributed systems such as Unix and Solaris. As a computer systems engineer, her responsibilities included writing and maintaining software written in Assembler and PL/1 languages. Amita Vadlamudi has also written code in JavaScript, Visual BASIC, HTML, and other languages.

Like tools in a toolbox, some programming languages are better suited to certain tasks than others. Java, an object-oriented language developed by Sun Microsystems, can be used on practically everything. In high demand since originating in the 1990s, Java powers enterprise software, websites and applications, video games, smartphone apps, and the Android operating system.

C, the forbearer to Java, was developed in the 1970s. As the oldest language still used in modern applications, it also remains one of the most versatile. C laid the foundation for Java and Python, so programmers may want to learn C and its derivative, C++, in order to get a leg up on other languages.

Programmers interested in writing the next big mobile app should learn Objective-C. An object-oriented language, Objective-C fuels Apple’s OSX and iOS operating systems.


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