Health Benefits of Swimming

Amita Vadlamudi enjoys volunteering at her local library and studying ancient cultures. Amita Vadlamudi also regularly exercises to maintain her health and harbors a particular fondness for swimming.

A total-body workout, swimming offers the following health benefits.

1. Swimming allows an individual recovering from an injury to continue exercising through the healing process. It builds strength in joints without adding impact or stress to the body. It also is an ideal activity on cross-training days, when the body is recovering from other higher-impact sports, like running.

2. Moderate swimming burns approximately 500 calories within one hour. Swimmers also benefit from a boost in metabolism that continues burning calories after a session.

3. When performing all four strokes, a person builds strength throughout the entire body. Arms become more toned and the back gains muscle definition.

4. Swimming requires controlled breathing and makes the muscles work harder. As a result, the aerobic activity enhances cardiovascular strength.


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