The Evolution of Roman Architecture

Roman Architecture pic

Roman Architecture

With more than 35 years of experience working in the information technology industry, Amita Vadlamudi is knowledgeable about computer mainframe products and programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and others. When not immersed in building and installing operating systems, Amita Vadlamudi enjoys learning about the Roman Empire and its ancient architecture.

The ancient architecture still found in Rome was paramount to its success back in earlier centuries. Even though the Empire may have fallen over 1500 years ago, its extraordinary builders and engineers evolved culture and architecture in a way that was unmatched for hundreds of years.

Sanitation and public health presented challenges to early Roman cities, and fresh water was required from farther distances. Around 312 BC, Roman engineers realized that stone, concrete and lead pipelines could move clean water into the cities. Although the Romans didn’t necessarily invent aqueducts, their civil engineers did such a great job of refining them that some are still used today.


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