The Ancient Development of Pottery Techniques

Pottery Techniques pic

Pottery Techniques

Amita Vadlamudi has a background in information technology that includes providing computer systems analysis support for distributed system and mainframe platforms. Amita Vadlamudi has a strong interest in ancient civilizations and traditions that developed, such as the craft of pottery.

With humans’ use of clay dating back as far as 30,000 years, the oldest place of pottery manufacture discovered so far is the Odai Yamamoto site in Japan. Fragments found at the archaeological site have been dated as far back as 16,500 years. By about 13,000 years ago, the Jomon culture of Japan was creating intricately patterned clay vessels that were used in food preparation. The Jomon employed an open-fire technique that involved relatively low temperatures.

Pottery was taken to the next level in the Near East during the early Neolithic era. The same high-temperature ovens used for baking bread and parching grains were used to fire pottery and create a superior end product.


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