The Many Benefits of Low-Impact Aquatic Exercise


Aquatic Exercise pic

Aquatic Exercise

A longtime computer systems engineer, Amita Vadlamudi held responsibilities that included the analysis and support of corporate Unix systems. Also passionate about fitness, Amita Vadlamudi enjoys working out in her free time and regularly participates in activities such as swimming.

Aquatic exercise offers numerous health benefits to fitness enthusiasts, including elevating the heart rate and building diverse muscle groups while having low impact on the joints. Unlike running, which centers on the legs, swimming involves a reach and rotation of the back muscles that coordinates the kick and thrust of legs and the pull of the arms through the water. At the same time, the stomach tightens in order to stabilize the core and provide the legs with power. This translates into an excellent all-around aerobic exercise that also builds bone mass.

Swimming is also excellent for those wishing to increase flexibility in the ankles, which act as fins in the water. It additionally may play a role in decreasing inflammation through strengthening the heart muscle, which in turn helps stymie the progression of some diseases.


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