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Fitness Advantages of Swimming



Amita Vadlamudi accumulated some 35 years of experience in computer technology. In her spare time, Amita Vadlamudi keeps in shape by swimming regularly.

Swimming provides lifelong health benefits. Fitness guru Jack La Lanne is said to have swum an hour each day at age 93.

Many swimmers appreciate its low-impact aspect, which reduces stress on the joints. Persons with arthritis enjoy water aerobics – even if you jump in and land on the bottom, the water lessens the force on your feet. Using a flotation device further reduces impact on the joints.

Swimming enhances cardio-respiratory fitness. One study of sedentary middle-aged individuals (male and female) demonstrated that 12 weeks of training improved oxygen levels by 10 percent and increased the amount of blood pumped by the heart.

Research into men swimming showed that it built more mass in the triceps by some 24 percent. It also upgraded overall muscle strength and tone.

Finally, swimming consumes calories, as much as 500-650 per hour, depending on intensity and the amount of body fat you carry. As a calorie burner, swimming compares well to running and cycling


Exercise is Essential

An experienced information technology professional, Amita Vadlamudi dedicated the latter part of her career to a prominent financial services company, where she served as a computer systems engineer. In her spare time, Amita Vadlamudi takes interest in exercise and fitness.

Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and depression. In addition, physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining a person’s weight.

The CDC recommends people participate in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activities each week to maintain their weight. Moderate-intensity activities include biking leisurely and walking briskly. Likewise, chores, such as light snow shoveling and yard work, apply. Less time can be allotted to physical activity if completed at a vigorous pace. In fact, people can cut the recommended time by half if they swim or run. Skiing and jump roping are considered vigorous-intensity aerobic activities as well. The best way a person can gauge the intensity of their activity is to try to carry on a conversation. Activities done at vigorous-intensity does not allow for conversation. The opposite is true of moderate-intensity aerobic activities.