About Amita Vadlamudi

For more than 30 years, Amita Vadlamudi held complex information technology responsibilities with an insurance firm, undertaking diverse UNIX systems, file transfer protocol (FTP) transmissions, and mainframe time sharing option (TSO) system development and support projects. As Computer Systems Engineer, Amita Vadlamudi notably supported the mainframe component TSO, also coding and designing computer language programs to maintain and enhance the TSO system. This work was enabled by extensive training in diagnostic procedures and multiple virtual storage (MVS) internal and data structures.

One of Amita Vadlamudi’s major professional endeavors involved the support of UNIX systems running Solaris and AIX operating systems. In building Solaris operating system images, she incorporated several peripheral software products, including Volume Manager and Powerpath. Ms. Vadlamudi additionally installed and maintained a number of drivers, utilities, and peripherals, including Teamquest, Perl, Veritas Cluster Software, and Java.

Ms. Vadlamudi notably constructed and supported a secure transport FTP transmissions network infrastructure. A well-established Internet standard, FTP allows reliable file transfer between two remote computers through a server. The client computer makes contact with the FTP server, initiating a connection that allows two-way transfer of data between the two devices. Amita Vadlamudi enhanced FTP infrastructure through the development of an extensive range of shell scripts, also providing support mainframe printing.

Throughout her years as a computer engineering professional, Ms. Vadlamudi held a broad spectrum of additional responsibilities. She coded and maintained programs and utilities in numerous programming languages. She also installed and maintained many in-house and third-party products, such as Bookmanager and OMEGAMON. Amita Vadlamudi obtained her Bachelor of Science from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey, additionally taking courses in computing and communications at local community colleges.


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