Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming pic

Health Benefits of Swimming

A former computer systems engineer, Amita Vadlamudi now focuses on pursuing her personal interests. Amita Vadlamudi maintains an interest in personal fitness and regularly attends her local gym.

Swimming offers a variety of health benefits to the fitness-conscious individual. A high-quality cardiovascular workout, it raises the heart rate and increases circulation of blood through the body. Studies have shown that the adoption of a swim training regimen can increase the volume of blood pumped per beat by as much as 18 percent while strengthening maximum oxygen consumption by 10 percent.

Also a good strength-building workout, swimming engages almost all major muscle groups. It improves overall muscle tone and power while potentially building mass. Muscles further benefit from water’s inherent 12 to 14 percent resistance increase, which makes the muscles work harder and increases the gains from each movement.

While a number of activities offer these benefits to heart and muscle health, swimming is unique in that it minimizes stress and strain on the joints. The sport involves no ground impact and thus has earned the recommendation of the Arthritis Foundation as a beneficial activity for those with joint disorders. The low-impact nature of swimming also makes it an ideal workout for those with injuries of the knee and other lower extremities, whose prescribed recovery often includes water workouts.


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